Friday, October 1, 2010

Yoga Everywhere

On Wednesday I found myself hanging out on the padded area in front of the mirrors in my gym.  Usually this is a stretching spot, but that day, for me, it was my New Rules lifting spot.  For a variety of reasons that are very unimportant.

So there I was, on the mats doing a gazillion squats and a girl to my right goes up into the most amazing upward facing dog.  I watched her for a bit then went to find a lat pull down machine.

When I came back, a guy was doing ab exercises in my spot.  I grabbed my stuff and huffed over to a new spot (I HATE when someone takes my workout spot at the gym).  I looked back to give him the evil eye and he was in a fantastic fish pose.  Then shoulder stand. Then up to warrior one.  Seriously?  How can I give the evil eye to some yoga dude?

As I was packing up my stuff I happened to look into the group workout room.  It was empty except for one guy in pigeon.

All of this happened in a span of about 5 minutes.  Right there, in the middle of my noisy, sweaty gym, I was surrounded by yoga...and I wasn't even practicing.

Which makes me wonder, before I became yoga obsessed, was it always around me?  Was I just oblivious to it?

Pay attention - let me know if you spot some yoga around you.

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  1. Fish pose is a yoga staple. It is a great concentration improver and yoga guru Leeann Carey says it also a great stretch for the shoulders and chest. She has a free yoga video on fish pose that I thought your readers might like: