Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting Ready

Okay, so here we are - first full week of my new job complete and week before the Foxborough 10 Miler starting.

The first week at work went well - it is liberating to go to work stress free and to leave work the same.  I knew I was under some serious emotional and mental strain at my previous job but I couldn't quite appreciate it until it was gone.  My mind is calmer than it has been in years.  YEARS.  Leaving my profession was a seriously difficult decision - it scared the crap out of me.  But you know as well as I do that you do not grow unless you challenge yourself ... and that includes challenging your fears.  No growth comes from staying stagnant.

Okay,  enough of that.  My new office is only 7 minutes from my gym near work.  Which means that I made it there everyday this week except Monday.  I felt that bringing my gym bag to work on day one was a little obnoxious, even for me.  But by day two, I was heading out to the gym - sticking to habits is half the battle.  I did, however, keep my workouts brief for the first week.  Plus I am in 'taper' for the BIG RACE this coming Sunday.

Saturday - Weights at the gym
Sunday - 10 mile run all by myself...good race prep!
Monday - lifted weights at the gym AFTER work.  Yup.  Because as I mentioned above, sticking to a habit is important.  Breaking good habits is very easy - breaking bad habits is not.
Tuesday - 3 Mile run at lunch, Gentle Yoga at night.
Wednesday - Pilates in the morning, Weights at lunch (upper body).
Thursday - 15 minute speed workout, Weights (lower body).
Friday - 3 Mile run at lunch.
Saturday - 6 Mile Run with Meri
Sunday - Serious Weight Workout.

End of update!