Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Festivities

Hi!  Remeber me?  I'm the girl who used to write this blog...way back last week or so!  I am finally (computer) virus free and ready to rock and roll.

So here is what you have missed - a spattering of yoga and a great 7 mile run.  I have been doing what I can to fit in miles in preparation for the Tiger Turley Chase 5 Miler - my all-time favorite race!

I also have really exciting yoga news - Revelation Yoga has a limited Thanksgiving schedule, one of which is a Power Yoga class at 9am on Thanksgiving. 

Now, I know what you are thinking: 1) there is no way I can run the Tiger Turkey Chase and make it to yoga on time; and 2) I am going to die if I try to get through a power class immediatly after a race.

And Blogfans, how right you are.  There is no way I will be on time and there is no way I will make it through a power class.  Which leads me to why I love Revelation and Kim so much.  Here's how it went down after Gentle Yoga last night:

Kim:   Are you coming to Thanksgiving Yoga?

Me: No, I'm running a race that morning and power yoga will kill me.

Other Yoga Student A: Oh, are you running Easton?  Me too!

Kim:  Wait, wait...[Yoga Student B's Name Here] is running that race!  I want to run it too!

Other Yoga Student C: Kim, you'll never make it here in time to teach class.

Kim:  I'm always late anyway...I really want to run!  Okay, everyone should run the race then come here after...people that run the race can just do a gentle class while I teach power...you all pay for the classes anyway.

And so the Post-Race-Mixed-Style-Yoga-Class was born.  And I could not be more excited!!  Seriously, I cannot think of a better day than a good race, a great yoga class and my favorite holiday all combined!