Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Start

Again with the lack of posting!!  And again with the apologies!!  I will not give you guys a million excuses because you know how I feel about those.  I have simply been overwhelmed.

Here is the thing - I am about to make a major career change and I am scared out of my mind.  It is this kind of fear of the unknown that is a little paralysing.  Not in a physical way - I am still running 15-20 miles a week and I am in decent 10 Miler shape, I have been religious about weightlifting 3 times a week, I have been getting to yoga about twice a week and I am contemplating adding pilates into the mix.  And my diet has been great - the weight loss has subdued slightly as is the nature of things, but I am overall down 15 pounds from Thanksgiving, so a little stall is in order.  I have to just keep plugging away at that.

So, the fear then.  It is a mental panic.  I have no idea what I am about to embark on and that scares the life out of me.  I like to have each minute of my day planned down to the millisecond - and right now I do not even know what my new work hours are!  So here is how I am trying to get excited instead of panicked:

1) New Job - WooHoo!   This means new faces, new friends, new clothes (a necessity not really a luxury) and a new professional beginning.  All very exciting.

2) Accepting the past and leaving it behind -   Okay, so its no secret around here that I am a lawyer.  What probably is the least best-kept secret in the world is that I consider going to law school to be my biggest mistake ever.  But I can't really change that.  The only thing I could change was my career, so I had to suck it up, take that huge, honking expensive degree and essentially chuck it out the window to start over.  Becoming a lawyer may have been my biggest mistake but finding the courage to give it up and try something new is an exceptionally big feat.

3)  New Schedule - Right.  So I do not know what this new schedule is.  I am led to believe that the hours are 7:30am to 7:00pm.  If anyone is counting, that is actually a 1.5 hour longer workday than I currently have...and will require me to leave my hour by 6:45am every morning and get home by 7:45pm.  Anyone other than me want to cry?  So, the bright side here...I will finally have to learn to drag my but out of bed before 6:30am and from what I understand, that is a very adult thing.  I am also pretty sure that the 'stay till 7:00pm' is a suggestion not a requirment (i.e. totally a requirement most days of the week) so I can probably sneek to yoga at least 1 night a week.  The other perk - DAYS OFF!!  I have lost at least a week of vacation each year (for which I do not get compensated and which does not roll over) from the inability to get it approved or make room in my work schedule.  At my new position people actually get to take time off when they want it, without asking.  A big WooHoo for that one.

So thats it, thats all I know about my new job and my new schedule.  When will I go to the gym?  Most likely at lunch or at night, just like now...only I can't be totally sure.  Will I be able to still make my own lunches and follow a healthy lifestyle?  Absolutley.