Monday, December 13, 2010

Whats New?

So after a full week of no blogging, I owe you girls and guys an update!  Like everyone else, I have been consumed in Holiday stuff and endless work deadlines and obligations that tend to come at the end of the year.  So in a brief recap, here is what you have missed!

A week ago Saturday:  Power yoga

A week ago Sunday:  Jingle Jaunt 5K.  Froze my butt off.  Got a sucky time despite running super hard due to a bottleneck effect at the start.

Last Monday:  Ran a warm-up mile and lifted weights.  I have also developed a new weight lifting plan - details to follow!  No yoga - heat broken in studio - BUMMER!

Last Tuesday:  4 Mile speed run on the treadmill.  Torture in the best sense.  Still no yoga!!

Last Wednesday:  No cardio but an hour long weight workout.  Yoga studio up and running and I was the only student Wednesday night!!  I requested a mix of power and restorative yoga and got exactly what I was looking for...ahhhh.

Last Thursday:  Rest Day (planned - client lunch)

Last Friday:  Rest Day (unintentional - got stuck at the office)

This past Saturday: 'Long run' with Meri.  I use the phrase long veeerrrrrrrry loosely.  45 minutes of weight lifting in the afternoon.

This past Sunday:  3 mile run

Today I have planned a 1 mile warm-up followed by weight lifting and yoga tonight.  I am a bit stressed about yoga.  Cash is tight right now but the studio is calling...we shall see blogfans, we shall see.