Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Skipping Ahead

As I mentioned previously, I have been pretty bored with New Rules.  I still think the program is great, but three sets of four reps (Stage 5) was boring the life out of me.  Now, I know that there is probably a very good reason for this stage.  In fact, I am positive there is.  But here is the thing...if I am bored with it then I am not giving it a good effort.  The obvious answer to this dilemma is to get in there and give it my all.

That is so not what I did.  I skipped the rest of Stage 5 (about 1.5 weeks).  Yup, I just skipped it.  I was over it, I was bored and ... well, I am not perfect. 

With Stage 5 behind me, I moved onto Stage 7.  That's right blogfans, I blew right past Stage 6 too.  Here is the deal with Stage 6 - they say right in the book that it is optional.  The only reason to do Stage 6 is if you want to be able to do a chin-up.  Do you all think I give a hoot about being able to do a chin-up?  Ha. 

Truth be told, I never planned on doing Stage 6.  Its just not my thing. 

So here I am at Stage 7.  The last Stage.  Stage 7 is either 6 or 12 workouts (last 6 are optional).  I plan on doing all 12...but let me tell you, these workouts are hard!  Stage 5 was a total of 12 repetitions per per exercise.  Stage 7 is around 80 repetitions per exercise.  Yup, you read that right.  80Eighty

For the first time in awhile, I was exhausted after a New Rules workout. I could barely keep my eyes open last night and today it took a great effort to walk to my office.

That is the feeling I was missing...and I am glad to have it back!

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