Monday, September 20, 2010


I have a confession to make.  Lately, I have been bored to tears with New Rules.  My sister and I discussed it a few weeks back and we both came to the same conclusion...the later workouts just don't feel challenging.  Now, I am still seeing results and I am going to continue with the program but I have been doing it for a few months now and am craving some variety.

So for sanity's sake (mine that is) today I switched it up a bit.  I went to the gym and I did the circuit machines for two sets of 8-12 reps each maxing out on the weight I could lift.  I did the sets quickly with about only 30 seconds of rest in between.  Then I did 2 sets of twenty squats with a weighted bar and 2 sets of walking lunges in a dark, scary hallway...followed by some planks.

If you have been following New Rules or even read the book, you know I basically threw the plan out the window.  No free weights, limited reps, little rest time.  Trust me, I felt like a total and complete traitor.

I also felt free and interested in my workout.  I was not bored.  It felt great to be a traitor!  In fact, I plan on doing it again Wednesday!

Now, before you all go freaking out, I will be back on the New Rules program next week...I just needed a little break from the monotony of lunges and lat pull downs.  I know it is an effective program and I plan on finishing it.

Truth be told, I think this little stint of mine will be good for will probably make me miss New Rules.  Hopefully it will throw my muscles a curve ball.  But most importantly, it will keep me engaged and interested in going to the gym.  Working out is tough - doing a work out you don't enjoy is even tougher!

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