Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mixing It Up

To continue with my theme of completely ignoring New Rules for the week, yesterday I hit the weight lifting circuit machines again.  They were fine and I lifted weights for about 35 minutes. 

Can you sense the boredom there?  They. Were. Fine. 

Not exciting, not invigorating, not energizing...just fine.

You know what was better than fine?  The twenty or so minutes of yoga I did after!  Due to various obligations this week, I was unable to go to yoga Tuesday or Wednesday night which is a total bummer.  So while my mind was going numb lifting weights my eyes were focused on the empty 'group exercise' room at the gym.  I looked at the clock and since a class wasn't scheduled for another 30 minutes, I grabbed a mat and hit the solitude of the room.

Now, you may think this was strange...that I looked strange.  You are probably right - I am sure people thought I was a whacko - particularly the tour group that walked in when I was in shoulder stand.  But it felt great and I wasn't bored!!

I made up my own little practice and it went like this:

Mountain Pose, Swan Dive Down, Pike and Release, Swan Dive Up with arms extended in back bend (5x) to warm up...Lets call this "Reset" okay?

Then Swan Dive Down to Crescent Warrior (Repeat other side)

Reset, Crescent Warrior with Twist (Repeat other side)

Reset, High to Low Plank, Up Dog, Down Dog ...lets call this "Flow"

Chair Pose with Twist, Reset and repeat other side

Warrior 1, Warrior II, Reverse Warrior, Extended Side Angle, Wide Leg forward fold, Horse with Eagle Arms

Reset, Flow, repeat Warrior/Horse Sequence on other side

Reset, Flow, Jump Through to seated

Spinal Twist Each Side

Shoulder Stand, PlowFish

Overall this practice was brief, energizing and full of my favorite poses...and sooooo not boring!

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