Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I Learned On My Summer Vacation

If you climb a mountain - any mountain - you will not be able to walk up and down stairs, lay on sand, or run for days without it feeling like a knife is going through your thighs.

If you go camping, bring a sleeping bag.  And a foam mattress.  And a cover for your tent.

Stop and appreciate a hike even if the climb is freaking you out.

Listen to your body and avoid power yoga and embrace YinYang Yoga while recovering from mountain hike.

Try not to drink wine at lunch everyday.  Try not to feel bad when you do.

Spending time with your mom is always a good idea.

Eat your vegetables...even if it means shoving them all in at night.

Balance ice coffees with water.  Also, balance wine with water.

A stop at a vineyard is always a good idea.

A week off of power yoga and weight lifting will do wonders for a bum wrist.

Covert Affairs is as good as I thought it would be.

Going back to work will be rough, but a two day work week is always a thing to celebrate.

Going back to work will be rough, but getting back into a routine always feels good.  And my body will thank me.

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