Friday, August 13, 2010

Back in the Flow

After almost three weeks of no weight lifting, modified yoga, a wrist brace and enough tiger balm to clear my sinuses for a year, I am back in action!    Despite my best efforts,  modified vinyasa classes without the whole high to low plank, up dog down dog flow have felt disjointed.  The flow was interrupted and my practice has felt weak.  Not today my blog friends! 

I showed up to Victoria's class today ready to rock and roll...or to flow, I suppose.  We actually ended up having a substitute yogini  - Evelyn the Ashtangi - who I have practiced with before and always enjoy.  Ashtanga  yoga, in my experience, doesn't have the rhythmic flow that vinyasa does.  However, there are the basic sun salutations and Evelyn always has us 'reset' our seated practice with the basic vinyasa (high low plank, up down dog).  It felt so good to be able to 'reset'.  ...  ...  ... I am struggling to explain to you the sense of fulfillment I feel from a complete practice.  I suppose its similar to how you feel after a good, strong run.  Or the accomplishment you feel after successfully cooking a multi-course is the calm after the storm feeling.  And it is great.

I am totally psyched for Power Yoga tomorrow morning.  No more cat-cow for this girl!!

I am also really excited to jump back into New Rules Stage 4.  I have felt dissatisfied with my whole work-out routine due to the lack of weight lifting.  I feel like my arms are back to square one and my metabolism has slowed to sloth speed again.  But no worries, come Monday I will be ruling the big boy weight room once again! 

**I promise to get the store up and running this weekend - look for the post on Monday.  Also, check back this weekend for an extra-special, un-work-out related post!**

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