Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Funk Holiday

I am in a funk this week. Funk. Funk. Funk.

When I am in a funk it comes complete with laziness, tiredness and an overall sense of boredom. Generally, the only way to get out of a funk, for me, is to do some kind of physical activity. The problem is that when you are feeling lazy, tired and bored, the odds of dragging yourself out the door and on a run or to the gym are slim. What is a girl to do?

My rule is this – if you are truly in a bad mood and just do not want to workout that day (even though you KNOW it will make you feel better), go ahead and give in. For one day. That’s it – that is the deal you make with yourself. You get one day of funkified self-pity and then you move on.

So yesterday I gave into it…I just wallowed in my nasty mood. I was just plain bored all day, didn’t even try to take a break at work, skipped yoga and basically did nothing other than clean the cat litter…because nothing helps drag you out of a funk like cat poop, right?

It would be very easy to wallow in it (the funk, not the cat litter) today as well…it is easy to be lazy, tired and bored. Being healthy takes work.

But I already used up my funk holiday, so today I will drag myself to the gym and do a New Rules workout. And I will go to yoga tonight – either Victoria’s vinyasa class or Kim’s YinYang class, depending on my mood. And I know that when all is said and done, I will feel better for having been active and having worked toward living a healthy life.

Being healthy sometimes means giving yourself a break, giving into what your body is telling you. Giving yourself a break from the constant stressors of daily life. It is okay to be in a funk…but only for a little bit.

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