Friday, August 27, 2010


With all illness, injuries and vacation time behind me, I got back into the full work-out routine this week.  And let me tell you - I am exhausted.

On Sunday I ran that sopping wet 5K.
On Monday I did New Rules Stage 4 Workout A and went to YinYang Yoga.
On Tuesday I rested.  Because I was exhausted.
On Wednesday I did New Rules Stage 4 Workout B, which kicked my butt, ran a 15 minute speed workout and went to Power Yoga
On Thursday I ran 3 miles.
On Friday I went to Victoria's Vinyasa Class...where she decided to punish us with a grueling standing split series.

Tomorrow I am running 5 miles at the crack of dawn with Meri and going to Power Yoga at 9am.
Sunday I am hoping to get in an afternoon home yoga practice and am going to Sanskrit class that night.

When I look back at the weeks activities, it does not look like a lot to me.  I feel dissatisfied with my overall performance...which is insane because I know I completed a lot of quality workouts this week.  And my body feels like it has been run over by a a good way.  If that is possible.

I think the feeling of dissatisfaction comes from missing 3 days of yoga this week!  Victoria was asking me today if I have been practicing and my first thought was 'of course I have' but then when I though back...this week has been seriously lacking in mat time.  Right now, I just feel exhausted.  Exhausted and anxious which is a direct result from failing to calm my mind and center my energy.  I am hoping that after Power Yoga tomorrow and possibly Sunday ... and Sanskrit class Sunday night ... I will be feeling more like myself ... which tends to be exhausted ... but exhausted and calm.

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