Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Do not be scared, okay?  This post is going to contain pictures and nutritional information about tofu.  It is nothing to be afraid of. 

What is tofu?  Tofu is made from soy milk similar to the way cheese is made from milk.  See?  What is scary about that?

Why do I want to eat it?  I buy Light Firm Tofu which has 160 Calories, 6 Grams of Fat (none of it trans or saturated), and 28 Grams of Protein, no cholesterol and no sugar.  Which means that, if you want, you can chow down on the entire block/container and not feel the least bit guilty.  And feel very full.  Most nights, I only eat half of the block.  CAUTION:  These are stats for light tofu...non-light tofu has a much different nutritional profile.

How do I eat it?  Here we go!

Start with:
Two paper towels
Tofu drained cut up how you want it
Place on paper towels

Cover tofu with two more paper towels and some books

Leave the tofu alone for 10 minutes or so.  While LEAVING THE TOFU ALONE...

Put in a pan:
Olive Oil (some)
Veggies (kale, corn, carrots here)
Garlic Gold
Saute over medium high heat

When the veggies are cooking:
Pick up cook books
Discard top layer of (now soaking wet) paper towels
Stack up tofu so that you can remove the bottom layer of (now soaking wet) paper towels 
Complete the whole two paper towels, tofu, two paper towels, two books routine again.  This is to press out extra water from the case you were wondering.

Once the veggies are done cooking (they should be cooked to your liking, not mine):
Remove veggies from pan
Add pressed tofu to pan
Season (salt, pepper, Garlic Gold...whatever floats your boat)

Cook for:
7 minutes? 10? 
Cook until golden brown on the bottom side, then flip each piece. 
Continue to cook for another 7-10 minutes.

Remove cat from counter:

Place veggies and tofu in bowl.  Add any additional seasonings.  I like to mix this up, but for last nights dinner I wanted sweet and spicy, so I drizzled on agave nectar and rooster sauce.

Feed very tired, hungry and wet blogger:


  1. Ummm that looks delicious. Also- I never really did so much drying out of the tofu! I patted it a little with some paper towels, but never used books! Maybe that's why I have a soggy association with tofu...?

    Thanks for the pix- great post! :)

  2. Thanks Jen! I actually got the book idea from I think she presses it way longer, but I find two times for about 15 minutes total works in a pinch! Also, its important to use a firm tofu or extra firm, otherwise it'll be a total disaster :)

  3. That's a very healthy meal Lauren. Thanks for the recipe. I always loved tofu. I prefer to handle it more than meat.