Friday, July 23, 2010

Your Body

Yesterday at lunch I went to see a troop of Irish Step Dancing girls perform.  I would guess their ages ranged from 8 to maybe 13.   All of the girls looked very similar to this:

These girls were a lot of fun to watch ... and if you have ever seen Irish Step Dancing, you know the thing to watch is the legs.  And man, could these girls move those legs!!  All these girls were healthy and clearly spent a fair amount of time dancing ... but that did not mean they all had the same legs.  No, what I saw was a pretty decent representation of all the adult female legs I have seen in my life.  There were, of course, skinny legs.  And athletic legs.  But there were also knobby knees.  And inner knee fat.  And cankles. 

Do you hate me right now for picking on cute little Irish Step Dancers?  Trust me, I am not.  There is a point in here.

My point is this - there are some physical attributes that we are just born with and no amount of diet and excercise is going to change that.  I have my father's legs.  You stand us side by side and it is laughable.  Thick ankles and inner knee fat ... and I have had those legs my whole life regardless of age and miles run. 

We are all born with certain attributes that are ours forever...unless we are Heidi Montag Pratt.  For instance, you walk into the hairdresser and say "I want Angelina Jolie hair."  Guess what, we all know that that is not going to happen. You are going to end up with your hair cut to somewhat resemble some actress who is probably wearing a wig.  You are not going to walk out of there looking like Angelina Jolie ... and deep down you know it. 

This same thing happens with diet and fitness.  You can read all you want about Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Love Hewitt and their diet and excercise routines.  You can follow them to a tee.  The result?  You will still look like you.  Maybe thinner, maybe more defined, maybe healthier, but you will look like you.  I can do squats till kingdom come and  eat air and I will still have inner knee fat.  It is at this point that I think we all need to embrace that whole "shake what your mama gave you" philosophy...because we all need to embrace the body we are born with.  You can make that body more athletic and healthier, but it is still your body...and you should be proud of it.   


  1. Mean, mean woman ;) Ahem...Amen.

  2. Inner knee fat is sexy! At least, that's what I tell myself about mine. Those actresses spend many hours a day working on their bodies, which they have enormous incentives to maintain because it's how they make their money (not to mention the selection pressure that gets the very sexy people their jobs). We have different jobs and different lives, it makes sense that we'd have different bodies.

  3. Ah, yes, this is my story of my thighs. I've buffed up many areas of my body, but these are a permanent fixture I accept.

  4. I love you LKP.
    Your follow inner knee fat friend Tina