Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not an Expert

I am not an expert in fitness or nutrition.  In fact, I have no training in it whatsoever besides a mandatory health class in high school.  All I have is my experience.  I, therefore, find it odd when people ask me for advice.

No, not you blog friends.  I totally expect you all to ask me questions because I am throwing myself and my experience out there for you all to analyze, laugh at and learn from.  But yesterday was a little different.

I try to keep my blog life and my work life separate.  In fact, they do not resemble each other in any way.  I work in a high stress, time consuming and often nasty profession.  I try to keep my non-professional life calm and stress-free.  The only reason I even mention it on the blog is to demonstrate how I handle both a career and a healthy lifestyle.  So like I said, separate. 

I do not talk about the blog at work.  Most of my office is fairly fit and everyone goes to the gym on their break.  I am not unusual.  What was unusual was yesterday when a co-worker walked into my office and told me he was firing his personal trainer.  And he wanted to know if I could recommend a program and diet for him to follow. 


So somehow I have made an impression as someone who knows something about fitness and nutrition.  And this has come across naturally to a non-blog reader.  I have to say, I was at a loss.  I couldn't simply say "Read my blog".  I couldn't hand him my The New Rules of Lifting for Women book because, well, hes a dude.  He is not a runner and there is no way I am dragging him to a yoga class.  He is already doing the elliptical (which I loathe but I know some people love).  So instead I sent him the link for The New Rules for men.  I have not read this book, but I imagine it is as well done as the book I follow. 

This is not the first time someone has asked me for assistance - I have shown friends around a weight room in the past and I have shared recipes and calorie break downs.  But this was different - this was someone who knows me in a professional capacity recognizing that I have a ... passion for?  knowledge about? interest in? health and fitness.  Like I said, I am not an expert but it is nice to be able to help people and offer advice.

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