Monday, July 19, 2010

Breakfast To Go

Blog follower (and my sister) Tammy complained that there was no recipe last week.  And Blog reader Melissa asked that I do a post on To-Go or Quick breakfasts for working, no-time readers.  So here we go.

Breakfast should be your most energy (read: calorie) packed meal of the day.  Stoke your metabolism, fill your belly and fuel your day.  I mentioned before that my smoothies clock in at about 350-500 calories...same for my oatmeal concoctions and my protein pancakes.  Breakfast is for eaters.  Now, for me to make a smoothie it takes about 5-7 minutes...then I usually throw it in a dollar store plastic cup and head out the door for my commute.  But I totally get it if you don't feel like running the blender at the crack of dawn.  Oatmeal takes me about 5 minutes total to make, but because its hot, it takes longer to eat.  Protein pancakes in general take longer to make AND to eat so they are reserved for weekends.  So what do I do when I over sleep or run late in the morning and do not have time to even think about a decent breakfast?


Do you have access to hot water at work?  To cold water and a microwave?  A Keurig?  Cool.  Throw some oats, peanut butter and jelly (and Chia Seeds  if you've got em) into a microwave safe container.  Cover/seal it.  Throw in bag/brief case/purse.  Go to Work. Add hot water.  Chow Down.


Mix.  Eat.


Eat it at home or at work. Try to buy a low sugar, high fiber cereal, whole grain.  Eat it with unsweetened soy milk to decrease sugar and increase protein.  Mix in some vanilla protein powder to up your protein.


Go to your freezer aisle and find the frozen waffles.  Read the ingredients and pick something decent (Kashi anyone?).  Toast waffles.  Fry an egg (with no added fat - think Pam) and toss it inside.  Add hot sauce or maple syrup or both.  No time for an egg?  Toast the waffles and throw some peanut butter and a sliced banana in there.   Or PB & J.  Toss in some chias seeds if you want.


Get a high fiber, low calorie wrap.  Spread a tablespoon of peanut butter in there.  Add honey, agave or jam if you feel like it and have the calories to use.  Peel banana and put whole in wrap.  Wrap banana.  Squish wrap.  Eat.


Hard boil some eggs...maybe one for each day of the work week.  Throw one in you purse or briefcase.  Eat with a carb (insert waffle/toast here).

Or if you are feeling wild...make egg salad (light or real mayo - your choice).  I like to add pickle juice, celery salt and mustard to mine.  Put between two pieces of bread or toast (think something WITHOUT High Fructose Corn Syrup or weird chemicals in the ingredients...I like Ezekiel but you can do whatever..even waffles or a wrap).  Eat.  No time to make egg salad (even the night before??) - make toast or bread, slice egg or mash, butter, salt or mayo bread, throw egg on bread with hot sauce or whatever.


Get over the fact that it is breakfast.  Make a turkey sandwich (follow bread rules above).  Make a PB & J.  Grilled cheese?


I am not proud of this but it happens.  Cup of coffee.  Milk/Almond Milk/ Soy Milk.  Ice.  Protein Powder. Amazing Grass and/or Chia Seeds if you've got em.  Shake Shake Shake.  Chug.

I know that some people are going to be horrified to see frozen waffles and mayo mentioned in here.  But here is the deal - if you are paying attention to the ingredients and nutritional info of the products you buy, a frozen waffle will not kill you.  A box of Eggo's smothered in butter and syrup...well, it may not kill you but its certainly not helping you.  And mayo, like other high fat condiments and extras should be used sparingly...a little goes a long way.  Just pay attention to what you are putting into your body.

For all of the above and whatever else you come up with, here are my rules: 1) Think 300-500 calories depending on your calorie needs. No More, No Less; 2) Think High Fiber; 3) Add protein (be creative); 4) Think about what you like and what will start your day off on a happy note.

Breakfast should not be a should be something you jump out of bed for and are excited for.  Plan it like you do lunch or is one of your three meals.  Embrace it.

Have more ideas or favorite breakfasts?  Please share - I would love some new ideas!


  1. i merely mentioned the absence of the recipe...not complained... :) ha ha ha

  2. Hi LKP, you forgot a fave of yours that I actually eat often, and think of you, when I do.

    It is the egg whites or egg substitute mixed with salsa.

    I like to eat it in a mini-wheat wrap with sprouts, you get the crunch in the sprouts, some heat from the salsa and the warm eggs.

    Bon appetite!