Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not Exactly Back On

Despite my best intentions, I am not fully back on the wagon.  Things have been hectic around the office which has resulted in two days of no lunch break...which could mean two days of missed workouts.  It also, unfortunatly, means a very brief post.  I have managed to keep healthy eating in check with the exception of more than one glass of wine last night and a missed breakfast this morning.  What irritates me most about the lack of daytime break is that I had to sacrifice my yoga class lat night to fit in a The New Rules workout or I would be hopelessly off schedule. 

I ended up finally getting to the gym at 5:45p.m. I started a new New Rules stage and between figuring out the moves and getting through the reps, I was at the gym a little under two hours.What absolutly killed me in this workout were Single Dumbbell Overhead Squats.  See how happy that girl is in that picture? What girl?  This girl.  Right.  She is not that happy....or her weights weight a pound each.  That is a seriously tough exercise - try it.  I dare you.  In fact, the whole of Stage 3 is really legs are useless today.

The worst part of the workout came right at the end though.  As I attempted to plow my way (badly) through jump lunges and jump squats, I could actually see my yoga class start in on their practice.  I was insanely jealous.  I briefly entertained the though of abandoning my self-torture and joining in ... but decided to stick with the plan, which was to finish the jump squats, chug my protein shake in the locker room and head home.  The result?  Though I am pleased with yesterdays tough workout, I am ridiculously craving a yoga class.  Fingers crossed I make it home early enough to squeeze in a quick practice!


  1. Good luck making it through the rest of your week. It sounds hectic. I appreciate the updates on your experiences with the stages - I just started stage 1 (at your recommendation), and after just one workout, my own thighs are killing me. :) It also took a while wandering around the weight room before I could locate everything I needed. I felt like a bit of an out of place goofball, but I'm proud of myself for doing it. Keep up the good work, and keep up the updates. :)

  2. Thanks Shannon! Half the battle is finding all the equipment for each workout... I usually feel like a big weight room dork - no worries. Stage 1 is looong and Stage 2 Workout B is a killer! The good news I have about Stage 3 (so far) is that there are no step-ups! I do Stage 3 Workout B tomorrow - I will let you know how it goes :)

  3. Hi LK!

    Simple question for you: what is one thing that you do when you're feeling gross and unhealthy that makes you feel better? It sounds like your life is as hectic as mine and I'm usually feeling good, but once in a while I have a day (like today) when I start to feel like EVERYTHING is unhealthy (which it's not) and have a mini-freak-out. If there was one thing that I could do to feel like I was getting back on track, what would you recommend? Light dinner? Walk? Meditation? etc? :)

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  5. Hi Jen! I actually wrote a post responding to this for tomorrow because I think it deserves a lengthy answer. I guess my quick answer would be to try to forgive yourself for the unhealthy behavior, then leave it in the past. Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute is new ... there is no reason to beat your self up or to keep repeating old mistakes. Being healthy is a forever thing - slip ups happen.

    Also, I never suggest a light dinner :) Cutting calories drastically just leads to disaster. I would suggest making a nice, home cooked, healthy dinner though.

  6. Thanks!! Asparagus and salmon planned for a homemade dinner... :)