Sunday, June 13, 2010

Toe the Line

Today I was scheduled to race a local 5K.  I did not want to - it was cloudy and dreary and damp and every single inch of my body wanted to stay in bed.  I woke up at 7:10am to text my sister to tell her I was out.  Then I called her to justify backing out.  Then I called my mother to further justify my actions.  Then I went into the bedroom to wake Bill up and justify myself to him.  Who couldn't I justify it to?  Myself.  And you guys.  I hate excuses, and here it was, not even 8am and I was FULL of them.  Bad weather.  Too little preparation.  No money for the race fee.

What a fraud.  Here I am, encouraging other people to start running, start practicing yoga, start lifting, start moving, and I could not even convince myself to toe the line.

I texted my sister back and told her I was in.  I did a brief yoga practice, laced up my sneakers and headed out the door.  The result?  Total gratification.  I love to race.  I love pushing myself to eek out that little bit of extra speed, that extra stride.  I love seeing all the other runners and being part of the running community.  If you have never run and are afraid to because you don't 'look' like a runner, go to your local 5k.  Just hang around and cheer people on - you will be amazed at all the shapes and sizes runners come in, and they will be eternally grateful for your cheers.  It is a win win situation.

How did I do?  Surprisingly, I pulled out my usual time of 29:30 or 9:30 per mile.  I think I have pulled some 9:28s in the past, but this is my average time and I was pleased.  Excuses be damned, I showed up and I ran hard.  It felt fantastic.

Along with my sister, my friend Libby was also there and - as an answer to my request for a new bar - had made some energy bars as a surprise.  She used the recipe in  The Food You Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life modified with a little salt and I am sure her own magic touch.  They are fantastic.  And I was psyched because I already own this book and love it!

Congrats to Tammy and Libby!!  Tammy placed 3rd in her division and Libby placed 1st!

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