Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Surviving Winter

If you are anything like me, winter can get you down.  Way Down.  Like bottom of the barell, there is no meaning to life, everything sucks down.  I hear this has something to do with the lack of sunlight - and I believe that to be totally true.  For me, it also has to do with being cold.  I hate being cold...and I am cold pretty much constantly in the winter. 

So if there a point to that suck-fest rant?  Of course!  Here is a list of ways to beat the winter blues...or grays, as it often feels:

1)  Eat or drink something citrus.  Yup, I am talking clementines but also maybe lemon or lime in your water...or how about some lemon tea?  The burst of citrus will wake up your senses and also remind you of happy, sunny times.

2)  Get moving.  You knew that was coming, right?  Winter often makes us want to hole up where its warm and not move, but getting in some kind of exercise will make you feel better and, in the end, warm you up a bit.

3)  Think warm veggies.  Its winter and a cold salad is hardly appealing but that is no reason to skip your veggies.  At lunch you can have a (low sodium?) veggie soup, you can microwave some frozen veggies, you can zap up some spinach and make a warm spinach and (insert protein here) wrap.  Whatever - just eat them.  The vitamins will make you happy.

4)  Go to a heated yoga class.  It is warm there and your soul will be happy.

5)  If its sunny, get outside.  Now, if you are locked in an office with no windows, you may not get to see if there is sun.  Check - they'll tell you when to expect some sun.  Once you find some sun, bundle up and get in it.  Take a wake.  Drink a coffee or tea outside.  Go for a run if your schedule permits.  Just DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT let that sun go to waste. Yay vitamin D!

I lived in Cleveland, Ohio for a few years and let me tell you, the thing I missed most about New England (other than shellfish) was the lack of sun in the winter.  Lake effect winters suck - gray, gray, gray with more gray.  Here is New England we are fortunate enough to often have sparkly sun afternoons - try and take advantage!

If you all have any beat-the-winter-blahs tips, I'd love to hear them!

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