Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi All!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving - for me, Thanksgiving this year was perfect...but it certainly wasn't shaping up that way!

Flashback to last Tuesday around 3:00pm.  Me sitting at my desk making big mental plans involving just how many brussel sprouts I could eat come Thursday.  Suddenly my throat tightens and gets a little scratchy.  Huh - weird.  I decide to solve that particular discomfort by getting my gazzilionth cup of coffee that day - because nothing soothes a throat like acidity! 

4:00pm.  No good.  Entering "Where the hell did this sore throat come from" territory.

4:30pm.  Panic.  A little fuzzy in the head.

5:00pm.  Actually fall asleep at desk from fuzzy-headed-ness.

6:10pm.  At home explaining to Bill that I simply cannot go to yoga - I feel like crap and just need to lay down.

6:12pm.  Bill telling my that yoga will make me feel better - it always does.

7:58pm.  Me laying in savasana at the end of yoga class wanting to cry my throat hurts so bad everytime I breathe in.

Wednesday 3:30am.  Wide awake with burning throat.  Haven't slept a wink.  Get up to find medicine.

5:00am.  Get up - not sleeping anyway.

7:00am.  Invade CVS for Dayquil and Vitamin C.

7:45am-4:30pm.  Sit at desk, pray for work to be over. 

6:00pm.  Thank the Dayquil gods that I am still standing, make broccoli casserole, stuffed dates and cranberry pie.

Thursday 6:45am.  Up before the alarm because I can't breathe.  Take a miracle cocktail of coffee, Dayquil, Vitamin-C and a banana.  Pull on race clothes and pack yoga clothes.  Fumble to the car in 29 degree weather.

8:00am - Race time!  By now I am so hopped up on meds and Thanksgiving-ness that I am ready to run!  Do not be confused, I did not feel great but a race is a race is a race.  And the Tiger Turkey Chase is my favorite race!

8:01am-8:50am - Ran a great race!  Meri and Chrissy, for reasons I do not know, decided to hang with me for the first 4 miles of the race.  We pulled off solid 9:40s-9:50s for those miles.  They took off in the last mile but I kept up reasonably well, finishing only 20 seconds behind for a 49 minute and change finish - almost tying my best time on this course and hitting my goal time for 9:40ish pace.  WooHoo. 

9:00am.  Eat a banana.  Suck on inhaler.  Go to yoga.

9:30am.  Down dog.

10:30am.  Way pleased with myself for pulling out a great yoga practice.  Seriously, I actually participated in most of the power class - no problem. 

12:00pm-5:00pm.  Fantastic Thanksgiving with friends and family!!!  Happy to be warm and fed, thankful for a body that can run and stretch.  

Friday 3:00am.  Wake-up, Coffee, Dayquil, Vitamin-C.  Shop, Shop, Shop!!!

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  1. You, my dear, are a force to be reckoned with. I feel awful too, but am thinking yoga in the AM is a good idea anyway. Hope you feel better!