Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Training Schedule

I have to tell you, it feels great to be back on a training schedule.  For me, running with a focus or a goal is so much more productive.  I like to have a plan and, essentially, a training schedule is nothing more than a running plan.

So whats so great about a training schedule? 

Well, for one, it tells you that you have to run.  Unless I actually have to make a certain amount of miles, I'll just squeeze in a run here and there.  A training schedule says "You have to run 3 miles on Monday, 5 Miles on Wednesday, 3 Miles on Thursday and 6 Miles on Saturday."  I love that - Here is your plan, go do it!

The more often you run, the better your runs feel.  Granted, there will still be bad run days.  But in general, your legs, lungs and mind will get used to the miles as you gradually pile them on.  Having good runs is way worth the extra miles.

The other thing about being on a training schedule - it forces you to re-prioritize.  Now, maybe you think that that is a bad thing...but really, its not.  I think a shake up to the schedule is good - it keeps things exciting and forces you to change your routine.  The downside here is that, when you re-prioritize, something usually looses its rank on the top of the pile.

So here it is, I have had to re-prioritize my workout schedule to fit in all of the runs.  I was contemplating taking spin classes, but that idea is shot.  The other thing that is losing its rank is weight lifting.  Now, do not freak out.  Really, relax.  I am still lifting weights.  For the time being, I am still following New Rules two days a week.  BUT come Christmas time, I am only going to have an hour and a half per week to devote to lifting - an hour Tuesday and a half hour on Thursday.  This is necessary in order to fit in a few miles and weight lifting at lunch on Thursdays.  Some sacrifices have to be made.  I am not overly concerned with this change in schedule as I generally go to Power Yoga 3 times a week, which is 60-90 minutes of supporting your own body weight, which is a weight lifting routine all of its own.

So there you have it.  The new schedule will be running 4-5 days a week, lifting 1-2 days a week and yoga 5-7 times a week (schedule permitting).     

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  1. Awesome! I totally agree that sometimes you need to prioritize what you're into at the moment and let other things chill a bit, all in the name of focus!

    Good luck with the new schedule... :)