Thursday, June 10, 2010

Inquiring Mind(s)

Hi Everyone!  Just a quick post to see if I can get some ideas from you all.  I am looking for a few new products/items/recipes and would love to hear your ideas.  Feel free to comment and thanks! 

Granola Bars:  I am not thrilled with the amount of ingredients in the Kashi bars I buy.  I really like them, but the list is awfully long.  Does anyone have a bar they would like to share or a good bar recipe?

Radishes:  Mine are coming in like crazy.  The only thing I know to do with them is put them on bread with butter and salt (delish by the way).  Recipes? Ideas?

Gym bags:  I hate mine.  It was a free gift with a magazine subscription and it is way too small.  Anyone love their bag?  And why?  I am thinking of buying this one.  Oh wait - I like this one too!

Soy (or dairy alternative) yogurts:  I like Whole Soy but its pretty expensive and I am not thrilled with O'Soy.

Magazines:  I'm looking for some new food and health/fitness magazines.  Any that you love?

....If you see 'zero' comments, please make something up or I'll feel pretty lonely...


  1. Awhile back I made some homemade "clif bars" - they're pretty yummy:

    My fav food and health magazines are: Runner's World, Women's Health, Shape, Real Simple, Eating Well, Cooking Light, and Cook's Illustrated :)

  2. Hi Lauren! I had dairy issues for a few years and literally could not eat one speck of anything that had dairy in it. Including whey, casein, etc. I learned to read labels and be veeery careful! I am pretty sure that I liked the Silk yogurt. The plain was kind of weird tasting but I liked the strawberry and blueberry. I think you're still in the Attleboro area and I am sure you probably go to Wholefoods but just in case you don't they have such an awesome selection of dairy alternatives. The vegan chocolate cupcakes are one of my very favorite things. I know you asked specifically about yogurt but you should also check out Ciao Bella sorbets. The coconut one is amazing and the blood orange is really good, too! I will try to think of some of my other dairy-free go to items. I am ok with dairy now but I went without for a good 3 years!


  3. Hi Lauren...luv the blog.
    I have a bag that stores my mat on the bottom and love it...although it's not as cute as that one.
    My regular mags are Fitness, Yoga Journal, and Yoga Magazine.
    and..wouldn't touch a radish w/ a 10-foot pole :)

  4. As for a good bar, I love Kind bars and Larabars. Larabars typically only have 3 or four ingredients.

  5. hi lolli...i like the second bag for sure. my cooking/fitness magazines are runners world, women's running, new england running, fitness (thx to michele), cooking light, eating well...i think that's it!

    what about GNU bars?

  6. Hi All!

    I had totally forgot about KIND bars! I think those may be the answer. I actually really like Larabars but sometimes the consistency isn't satisfying - I like a little chew and crunch. Same goes for the GNUs. And Megan, I will def make those bars, but I think I will have to halve the portions.

    Julia - thank you for reminding me to check out the yogurts at WF. I only get there once every few weeks and when I do, I tend to stick to the peanut butter aisle. And CONGRATS!

    I ended up with a Nike bag (per the "At the Moment" feature). I love both of the other bags a little more, but I couldn't stomach the price.

    Magazines - I get Runner's World and I should be getting Yoga Journal but it has yet to show up. I ended up not renewing Cooking Light because the recipes always seemed a little daunting to me...but I am interested in Eating Well.

    Thanks for the input!