Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chips Can Be Good For You!

Okay, so lets be clear...Chips are not usually considered health food.  But neither is chocolate and we all pretty much still eat it - in moderation right?  That is how I feel about chips.  In fact, a lot of Fridays all I have for dinner is Sweet Potato chips and guacamole.  Thats all I want and thats what I eat.  It is a (high calorie) indulgence.  I make myself feel a little better though by choosing all natural chips with few and recognizable ingredients.  One of my absolute favorites in the brand Food Should Taste Good.  In fact, here are a few pictures from this fall trip to the Long Island Vineyards featuring the Sweet Potato and Olive flavors:

Hungry yet?  Lucky you!  Because right here is a link to get a coupon for a FREE bag of Food Should Taste Good Chips.  WooHoo!

** FYI, the link brings you to Facebook, where you have to "like" the company....I love Food Should Taste Good Chips, so I have no problem with "liking" them on Facebook **

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