Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Monday afternoon I headed back to the weight room to start in on New Rules Stage 4 after a two week hiatus.  I would like to tell you that this was a fantastic, energizing, empowering workout...but the truth is it was really hard.  Not hard physically but mentally.  I felt weak ... as if I had lost all of the muscle I worked so hard to build Pre-Wrist-Injury.  And I was also scared that I would re-injure my wrist.  Let me tell you, feeling weak and scared is no way to get through a New Rules workout!  These are tough workouts and require all of your mental strength. 

I was smart and kept my wrist brace on the whole time and I backed off adding too much weight to any particular exercise until I see the effects of this first week back.  I also had to keep bracing my mind, reminding myself that with some time and hard work, the strength, definition and confidence will come back.  Overall, it was an exhausting experience.

Back in the locker room, as I drank my chia seed and protein powder recovery shake, I started to perk up.  Often when I am running a race and feel beat down, I remind myself that I am lucky to be able to run.  I am fortunate to be able to push myself hard.  The same goes for recovering from this injury - I am lucky to be able to get back into the weight room.  I am lucky I recovered as fast as I did.  I am lucky to be able to recognize that I can improve with time and dedication. 

Later that night I went to YinYang Yoga where the focus of the class was on need - on how we focus too much on where we need to be in our practice, in our lives.  What happens once we get to that point we needed to achieve?  We look for some other goal by which we need to measure ourselves.  The class focused on tossing that need aside and to embrace where we are now, not on where our minds are telling us we need to be.  It was the perfect follow-up the afternoons weight lifting lesson.

The next time any of you are feeling weak and scared, possibly like a failure, I hope you are able to see that you are fortunate and are lucky in your lives as well and that where you need to be is exactly where you are.

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