Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OpenSky Time!

Has anyone noticed that little clock ticking away on the upper left hand corner of this blog?  That, my blog friends, is the countdown clock to my OpenSky Store! 

What, you ask, is an OpenSky Store?  Here is the deal - OpenSky is a company that facilitates me selling you products that I use and love.  OpenSky's philosophy is that buying from people you know and trust is the best way to shop ... And if you can't trust me, who can you trust?  I hand pick each item in my store so you can be sure its something that has the Run, Lift, Chant, Breathe seal of approval.

What will I be selling?  Stuff that I use!  So when I am carrying on and on about my latest workout or food adventure, and you are thinking "Man, I really love that bag/yoga mat/seasoning, I wish I had it" you will be able to click a link and purchase said item right there.  Yay impulse shopping!

You'll also be able to browse my store directly on the Run, Lift, Chant, Breathe website and you'll get to see my reviews of the products, so if you are interested in an item but don't feel like coughing up the cash right at that moment, you'll be able to find it easily later...as opposed to hunting through archived posts for, say, a random reference to chia seeds.

Heres the other really exciting thing.  My OpenSky store is an opportunity for you to sell stuff too!  You can click here to be an OpenSky Supplier.  If you have a product you think I'd like and you meet the"Supplier" criteria, I'll try it out and see if I agree with you.  If I do, chances are pretty darn good I will sell it in my store.  Yay you!

I have a pretty good idea of some of the items I'll be selling: certain bags, yoga accessories, running gadgets, food products etc.  But what I want to know is, what would you like to see in my store?  I would really love some feedback and ideas on this...after all, I write this blog for you.

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  1. Great Post!

    At OpenSky we are trying to make online shopping a truly interactive experience, and we welcome you to the family!

    -Danny Klau