Sunday, June 20, 2010


When I moved back to Massachusetts after school, I could not wait to have a place with my own garden.  The idea of growing my own veggies, working in my own yard was extremely appealing.  I was lucky enough to find a small house with a backyard just big enough for a garden and a fire pit.  The first summer I had the house I begged and begged my Dad to drop off some dirt.  I came home one day to a huge pile of dirt!!  Excited and undeterred, I went down the street, bought a shovel and started creating a garden.  And let me tell you, spreading dirt by hand is a lot of work!!  My garden that first year was a great success but it was a little small....  The next year I had Dad drop off even more dirt and I doubled the size of my garden...only to have it fail due to lack of time and awful rainy weather.

Total disappointment.

This year, I am on a mission.  With Bill's help, I turned over all last years dirt and started again, with great success.  Everything was coming in hardy, radishes were already set to go...then BAM.  Two weekends of rain.  Two weekends of rain are a disaster in a garden.  Thats two weekends of no weeding.  Two weekends of no upkeep.  Two weekends of weeds.


That is most definitely a weed garden!

This side of the garden actually features arugula, beans and tomatoes.  Really.

Yesterday I threw the idea of traditional exercise out the window, put on my crappy gardening clothes, hit up the local hardware/yard store and went to work.  Three and half hours later...

Gardens, like other areas of life will get out of control if you don't tend to them.  Just a few days of abandonment and you find yourself with a ton of work to get back on track.  But man, once you are back on track, it feels fantastic!  Bring on the tomatoes!!

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  1. An inspiring post for my Sunday morning! I shall get busy tending my "garden" - i.e. taking care of things that I have let slide this week when I just got too busy.